Most little girls want to grow up to be just like their favorite movie characters, such as a princess from Cinderella, a fairy from Peter Pan or a mermaid like Ariel. She was always my favorite, and little girls today who dream of being just like her might be a lot closer to achieving their goal. Get acquainted with the hottest, newest topic of the summer- the mermaid bathing suit.

If you're thinking "seriously? Oh my God what next," then you have the same reaction I did when I found out about these. It is a regular swimsuit top but then the bottom is a legit mermaid fin. I don't exactly know how girls can swim with these- I mean God did give us all two legs for a reason right, and what about those who are just novice swimmers? While they are very pretty are they very practical?

The other thing- one suit will cost you over $245!

The price is justified for one reason- the suits are sold by Monika Naumann, a Vancouver, Canada mom who makes them out of regular bathing suit material. Her business is called 3-Fins and she started making the two-piece suits back in January because of her daughter's obsession with mermaids.

That is one mom who single handedly made her daughter's dream come true, and now you can have a piece of that dream. They are available for purchase here and come in a choice of shimmery red, green, blue, gold and pink.

Naumann comments that even parents can benefit from the suits:

Parents who have ordered the fins for their girls almost always write and tell me how much they love it. But mermaid fins aren’t just for kids. They help you get a great workout and can have you swimming faster than you can imagine in the ocean.

They might be a great workout but how do you stand up when you're done swimming? Are you convinced? What's your take on the suits?