If you hadn't seen this video yet, and thought 'What was she thinking," now is your time to watch and laugh. The poor girl has been trending on Twitter for having horrible talent. Little does everyone know, Rebecca Black didn't write the awful song. If you search her name on Google, you can't even find her biography. So who do we blame?

Ark Music Factory can be blamed for this train wreck video and song. I came across a Bohemian.com that discusses the story behind the company. The article describes the casting calls as "perfect bait for starry-eyed parents." Basically, these parents want their kids to be the next Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber.

Ark Music Factory thrives on tween and teens. Bohemian posted several of the music videos produced by the company. They're incredibly awkward. All the songs are heavily auto-tuned, and the music videos are filled with kids with braces. I wonder if half the kids driving cars in the videos even are old enough to have a license.

My favorite blurb in the article stated:

...their company obviously needs a lot of money to rent Rolls-Royces; pay studio time; shoot videos and rent venues and musicians and soundmen for launch parties. That money ain’t coming from record sales or publishing royalties. It’s coming pretty obviously from rich parents, buying a chunk of the L.A. myth a few days at a time so their kids can brag about it at school and continue to inflate their own vanity.

I guess exploiting their kids' borderline talent is better than spending money on drugs. Although, you probably have to be on a ton of drugs to enjoy the music. Let's hope the starlet-wannabes aren't taking over the Billboard charts any day soon.