FOX's The Simpsons could be in serious danger of ending and all due to the production company that makes the show forcing a pay cut, or it needs to stop creating new episodes of the shows 23rd season.

The Daily Beast first reported that after 23 years on the air, The Simpsons could come to an end.   This is all due to the voice actors refusing to take a pay cut as the studio that produces the show needs to cut it's budget.  The principal voice actors have been asked to cut their $8 million per season salary by 47%.

A representative from 20th Century FOX said that they hope that they can reach a deal with the voice actors in order to save The Simpsons this season.   The show is the anchor for FOX's Sunday night programming and is the longest running sitcom in television history.  It isn't the first time that FOX has asked the actors to take a pay cut, but this time the threat of ending the series abruptly seems more real.

It would be a shame to see a show as long running and beloved as The Simpsons end due to money issues, but would you take a pay cut of 47%?