Last night Australian musical trio the Sick Puppies rocked the stage at Northern Lights in Clifton Park. Beforehand, they took over the Q103 station with their on-air DJ skills. Overall it was a fantastic day and night, and I had a blast hanging with them and getting to know them a bit. They are awesome people and an amazing band who put on a great show.

Poor Abby- Vocalist/guitarist Shim (Shimon), bassist Emma and drummer Mark arrived at the studio and immediately asked if there was a Panera close by. While receptionist Jeanette was calling in the large order, she informed Shim that they no longer made the Fontega Chicken Salad, his favorite. He then proceeded to get on the phone with Panera employee Abby, and after a bit of humorous torture, kindly asked to speak to their manager, whose name was Steve. "Hello, Steve" he says, "I hear you no longer make the Fontega Chicken Salad. Why is that?" After hearing they no longer carried the necessary ingredients, he agreed to try a different salad that was similar to his beloved lost salad. The entire scene was ridiculous and hilarious and really showed Shim's witty character. He then commented that my bracelets and gloves were "dope," so I gave him a few of mine to keep, and luckily they fit over his hands! I was then lucky enough to get the important task of going to pick up the band's lunch, which I was more than happy to do!

What's in a Name?- I had to ask the band how they came up with their name. It reminds me of actual sick puppies, which I hate, so I was very curious. After teasing me and pretending that was where the name originated from, their manager Tim told me the real story. When the band first formed, vocalist Shim was on a train going to visit his dad. He had a list of possible band names, and little did he know his dad had been making mental notes for names for awhile. When he arrived to his dad's, he told him he had a great name picked out. "Sick Puppies," he told his dad. After a hesitation, his dad revealed that he had come up with the same name. They don't know how they both came up with the same name when they were far apart, but they did. I'm guessing they have a very strong father-son bond.

The Takeover- During their on-air session, Shim did most of the talking, as Emma and Mark were the quieter ones. He has a great energy and a very out-going, down-to-earth way about him. He then stole Amanda's sunglasses for the remainder of the show, and even put on a Q-Tease shirt underneath his clothes! Jodi was able to stretch it out so it would fit him. The pictures are too funny. Obviously we let him keep it!  After the takeover, the Q-Tease and I, along with the band (Shim who was donned in my bracelets, Amanda's glasses and a QT shirt) met with the ten winners and everyone got pictures and autographed posters.

On the way to the concert, the girls and I stopped to pick Shim up some blue contacts. We had some time to sit down and talk with him and he said he was looking for some and that if we knew where to find any to pick him up some, so we did just that! He also asked for Amanda's chiropractor's number. Talk about asking for a lot! Haha I'm just kidding. We had fun and were happy to help him out.

The Concert- Bands Me Talk Pretty, Framing Hanley and Adelita's Way performed before the Sick Puppies. They were all great and kept the crowd occupied as they waited patiently for the Australian rockers.

Sick Puppies took the stage a little before 10 pm and opened up with "Odd One." Shim's crazy, awesome personality

continued on stage through his voice, guitar and stage energy. Mark's impressive drumming skills were heard and felt by the entire room and opened him up as a musician, as he was in his comfort zone. I was really impressed with bassist Emma though. She completely came to life as she rocked out in her own little zone, as if the music were her breath and heart beat. Her bass guitar was basically bigger than her, and she had total control over it. She was so interesting to watch: she was entranced in the music and rhythm, was on point the whole time and from time to time she would get the faintest smile on her face that showed passion for her art.

Sick Puppies didn't move around the stage a whole lot, but they didn't need the extra showmanship. There's only three members of the band, but they're all strong and talented enough that just them alone, doing what they love to do, is enough for them and their fans. Shim was however involved highly with the crowd. He loved to get them shouting back in unison and jumping up and down. Throughout the show he would randomly ask "how you doing?" and the crowd would respond with a "**** yea!" every time. During their acoustic set, Shim allowed the audience to pick from three songs, so that they heard exactly what they wanted to. Shim sincerely wanted everyone to enjoy themselves and leave happy and musically satisfied. He

even told everyone to come shake his hand as they left. Awesome! I wonder if they noticed his groovy bracelets!

Sick Puppies played for just under two hours, and included songs "Maybe," "You're Going Down," "Howard's Tale," "All the Same" and "Riptide."

A great show was put on for all- in the studio and on stage. I had a blast and thought the Sick Puppies were all-around amazing. Were you at the show? What did you think?

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