Last night was the season premier of A&E's Storage Wars, a reality show in which buyers bid on abandoned storage lockers in hopes of reselling the finds to make a profit.  Exciting as all hell, right!?  Right!?  OK, maybe not.  However, Monte is an avid watcher for one reason: Brandi Passante.

Brandi and Jarrod are the "Young Guns" of the show.  Relatively new to the game, they buy units to fill up their store, Now and Then Second Hand Store, out in Orange, CA.   That's what I'm told anyway.  Usually, Monte is too busy staring at Brandi Passante during the broadcasts to actually pay attention.  Check out the video I found on-line.  Do you watch the show?  Or do you pull a Monte and just stare at the screen for a half hour every Tuesday night at 10:00 PM?