The power of the surveillance camera. It's always there and always recording, which tends to irritate most. Then again, if it weren't for the eye in the sky how many crimes would go unsolved, or at the very least, unresolved for a lengthy period of time? Think about this: During the 4th of July fireworks spectacular at the Empire State Plaza did you notice the limited amount of Troopers on foot? I saw 4 maybe 5. Thousands of people getting loaded with a handful of cops keeping everyone in line? Not so much. The security cam is used at events like that. No matter how you slice it, security cams are here to stay. Why not embrace them?

From 'potato chip dealers' to 'reverse pick pockets' security cams are catching the beautiful side of a human being too. In fact, this video is so damn refreshing I felt compelled to show you just how awesome we human beings can be.