I am not a Patriots fan, at all, but today's line-up for the play-off game against the Jets certainly rocks. Sully Erna of Godsmack is singing the National Anthem. Aside from John Cooper, Sully Erna is up there with my favorite rocker boys. That makes me one happy lady for sure. Sully's got a killer voice, and I'm glad it's a rock idol performing in the name of our country.

There is also more to why the Patriots rock. Adelita's Way will be performing during the halftime. "Invincible" plays on Q103 if you are unfamiliar with the band name. Right now they are in the works of their new album, but I'm not sure if there is an estimated release date yet. Maybe we will get lucky and they will give us a sneak peak at the album.

So turn on the television and show support for Q103's rockers at 4:30pm. Maybe if you are lucky, you will see Rob Dawes hanging out in stands because he is at the game today!