Adelitas Way played at Northern Lights last month with Sick Puppies. Some of you may have heard them play before but haven't realized who the band was. Well, that needs to change.

"Sick" the first single off their upcoming second album.  The boys are currently filming their music video for the single, so keep a look for it. Also, the second album is titled Home School Valedictorian and is expected to be released June 7th. Although you can purchase "Sick" on iTunes right now. The single definitely has a lot of energy like the songs from their last cd which had "Last Stand" and "Invisible."

Click to listen to the song:

The song's perfect and fits my mood, especially right now. I'm "Sick" of a lot of things right now:

  • Men
  • Snow
  • College debt
  • When someone replies to my text message with "k"
  • Being physically sick in general with this stupid cold

Now that you heard what I'm "Sick" of; I want to know what are you "Sick" of?