One of the greatest fast food treats is back for 2011, and that's the McRib.  You better grab it while you can because it is back for a very limited time.

What is it about the McRib that makes America go crazy?  Is there something in the BBQ sauce?  Whatever it is I'm biting, literally.  Now through November 14th you can get the McRib once again at McDonalds.

Lat year around this time McDonalds brought the McRib back and according to USA Today, executives say that the response was so good that they decided to do it once again.   believe it or not, the McRib is actually healthier than the Big Mac.  Like I said though, it's only around till November 14th so go get it while you can.  Unless of course you move to Germany, where the heavenly sandwich is available all year long.

If you're having trouble locating a McRib use the McRib Locator and you can find out where that pesky sandwich is hiding.