Introducing the Man-Fur Coat a jacket made of real human body hair. If the coat is made from chest hair I wonder what the small purse is made from?

According to an English designer has created a fur coat made entirely of man hair. This is cool because I know every lady I have met has always complained about the lack of massive amounts of random dudes body hair on them.

“English designers spent 200 hours weaving over one million strands of male chest hair to create this fashionable fur coat. The aptly named Man-Fur Coat is 100% real and it can be yours for the modest price of £2,499 ($3900).” – OC

This creepy Man-Fur Coat is worth $3900? This is the first time ever I have been depressed about being nearly naturally hairless. I think I might be part bambino cat or related to that dude from the movie “Powder”, the fact of the matter is if coats mad from man fur are worth serious money then I am missing out a butt load of cash. Time to start poaching, look out hairy fat dudes, I’m hunting and packing clippers.