We all live in a digital world. 20 years ago our phones were a status symbol but honestly weren't that unsafe. Now we have to be careful. Everyone has very personal material on their cellulars. Here are the last 5 photos on mine.


Vinnie Martone

Alright, first up selfie time. A habit that a few years back looked awkward and we all laughed at each other for. Now it's common place. I'm a user of snapchat and an owner of a selfie stick but consider myself a novice. I'm not down with the cool techniques. On to what is in this photo. So recently the Q crew found themselves taking some photo's around the capital region. We were able to talk ourselves into getting into the Times Union Center for a photo shoot. I snuck off path a touch and took a selfie. You wouldn't?


Vinnie Martone



So I'm admittedly an atrocious cook. However I am very proud of this photo. Taken this morning was an omelet done correctly and well. My first time getting it right. Woot Woot to me! It was also very delicious and even healthy. Kudos on all fronts. I now can cook toast, ramen noodles and omelets.


Vinnie Martone

So this is my cat Sabre. He is a 4 yr old Maine Coon. After a recent bout with fleas we had to give this pussy cat a bath (insert innuendo). This was horrifying for him and violent for me. I looked like a freaking horror film character. Thank you kind sir. In all seriousness though. Go through your phone and count how many animal or pet pictures you have. I bet there are more than 10.


Vinnie Martone

This is a necessity in life. It dominated the food pyramid right? I thought so. Im no alcoholic by any means. Im also not a hipster because I'm drinking Genny. This was one of my fathers favorite beers (regular Genesee that is). So in a way its sentimental, also very inexpensive. For the price I think it is very good. I'm sure I will see backlash about this. I also am a fan of Pabst Blue Ribbon as well for its price. We all drink beer. We all have guilty pleasure beer. That's mine. Also they have a deserved nickname. Ask someone what it is..

Rummy Anyone?

Vinnie Martone

This at first glance may seem like a gag. In fact its a technique called "Don't piss off your brother's girlfriend". I believe I have succeeded, I hope. Friday nights are card nights at my brothers. I took this picture to send to her saying it's your turn, now go. I got a quick screw you followed by a look what you dealt. I proceeded to tell her that my hand was fine. She won then she bragged. Then I won and she couldn't believe I would go out with 40 points. Long story short. Family is everything.

What are the last photos in your phone? I bet they tell a pretty good story about you. Or maybe they are a whole bunch of crotch shots in which case delete those.