I know I am not suppose to watch the kid’s choice awards but I was flipping through the channels and caught a little bit of it. I didn’t watch long because even just seeing it on TV made me feel a little uncomfortable. It was that same uncomfortable feeling I get when I walk in and try to shop at Pacific Sun wear. Like I could feel the judgmental eyes of everyone on me wondering where my nephew is that I should be bringing to this store. But no, it’s just me all creepy and alone watching the kid’s choice awards on TV.

Which I guess I can dismiss this feeling because when I turned the show on Ke$ha was performing and scantly dressed and her and her back up dancer were just gyrating their adult hips and genitals right in the faces of literally thousands of children. It was a little off setting. I felt like at any moment Chris Hanson was going to walk on stage an stop the performance by asking them to have a seat.

So I may have been the weirdo who watched about 3 and half minutes of the kid’s choice awards, but at least I wasn’t dry humping children’s eye sockets like kasha. I call that a victory in my life.