This is the “coolest” castle I have ever seen (zing!). Albany was once home to a giant castle made entirely of ice. This may be a poor investment seeing that the second the spring comes around the castle will be no more, but what a way to keep your meat fresh.

In 1888, a giant ice palace was constructed in celebration for the winter carnival. The super “chill” castle was located at the corner of Madison and Lake Avenue in Washington Square Park.

I wasn’t in the Albany area in 1888 so I can only assume the main purpose of this ice house was to attract and capture the wild penguins in the area. I have no proof, but I speculate that in the late 1880s the streets of Albany were overrun by delinquent and misbehaving Adelie penguins. Sure they are cute but they have a fiery temper and love to peck the citizens of Albany. Those were dark days for Albany in the 1880s. Thank the heavens they had this giant ice castle to save the city.