I took to the Q103 facebook page to find out who you guys thought was the hottest chick in Rock.  The race was close, but here are the results!

Rock is a male dominated industry, but let us not forget that chicks can rock their asses off too!  Not only can they rock, but they look damn good doing it.  While all these ladies are beautiful, one of them has to be the hottest.  So I decided to not pick myself, but instead put a poll up on the Q103 facebook page and allow you guys to vote on it.

Now there are a lot of ladies in the rock biz, so I had to narrow things down a little bit.  I decided to give you a choice of five women.  Gwen Stefani, Maria Brink, Lzzy Hale, Emma Anzai and Hayley Williams.  Obviously we could have

added more, but to many choices would lead to no results, and the results seem to be in.  It was a very close race for a little bit too.  Gwen Stefani jumped out in front right away, but Lzzy caught up to her.  I was a little surprised that it took a while for Maria to grab some votes, but she did and took over second place from Lzzy.  I know that some people think that Emma and Hayley are hot, but they didn't get that many votes which was very surprising.

So after the poll has been up for a few hours, you the Q103 listeners and facebook fans have spoken and have named Gwen Stefani the hottest chick in rock.  I am not really surprised because she has been a smokin' hottie for years now.  Home town girl Maria Brink is not to far behind Gwen in second place and Lzzy takes the bronze.  Unfortunately you have all made Rob Dawes a very sad man by not voting for Emma of the Sick Puppies, his girl is tied for last along with Paramours Hayley Williams.  The poll remains open at Q103albany on facebook, so if you haven't cast your vote go do it!  And if you want to add someone or give feed back, just leave your comment below.

You voted! Gwen Stefani is the Hottest Chick in Rock!