Unlike in radio, when it comes to television you have to have a pretty face. Here in the Albany area we are blessed with many beautiful women who have the job of bringing us the latest news. There are five local news outlets to watch and each of them brings the hotness with their female anchors and reporters. As guys you can't help but notice a pretty lady, especially when they are on the TV everyday. So we figured why not count down some of the hottest female anchors in the Albany area. Here are the top 10, and it was hard to narrow it down to 10.

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    Marie Luby (News 10)

    Marie is one of those one the scene reporters that you might actually see out on the streets of the Capital Region. According to her bio on WTEN.com, she loves to run and root for the Yankees. She is also very involved in charity work. Now that's hot.

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    Kassata Edwards (CBS 6)

    This girl has been to some big places before coming back to the Albany area to grace us with her hotness. Her bio on the CBS 6 website says she started as an intern on the Today Show and NBC Nightly News. She is a local girl though, even went to Albany Academy. I wonder if she still has the uniform?

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    Jessica Layton (News Channel 13)

    You can catch her doing the 11pm News on Channel 13 here in the Capital Region. Not just hot, she is adorable. She is a big Syracuse fan since that's where she went to school. It also says on the WNYT website that she has a passion for singing, so when do we get to hear this voice?

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    Nicol Lally (News 10)

    You'll see Nicol all around the news 10 studio. She is a weekend anchor and is out the streets too. I was reading her bio, and it says that she is an accomplished figure skater. That's crazy! We want to see those skills Nicol!

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    Teresa Priolo (CBS 6)

    Teresa wakes you up every morning on CBS 6. Before coming to the Albany area she actually played a huge part in the Larry Craig bathroom sex scandal when she worked in Idaho. Now she is a little closer to home working at CBS 6 as she is from Jersey. Check out her bio, because she has done some very cool things during her career.

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    Demetra Ganias (News 10)

    You see Demetra's beautiful smile weekends on News 10. She was one of the reporters on the Elliot Spitzer prostitution scandal too. When not reporting she is active in the Greek-American community. Check out more on Demetra here.

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    Dori Marlin (CBS 6)

    Dori use to be the morning girl over at Channel 10 before taking a position at CBS 6 as the evening news and 11pm news anchor. She spent a lot of time down south and is a Florida girl, and you can read all about that in her bio. I use to get news from Dori everyday here on Q103, and working with her was awesome, especially the outtakes!

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    Stephanie Schelkun (FOX 23 news)

    She is still a bit of a fresh face joining the FOX 23 morning news team just this past June, she is a welcomed addition. Not only is she one of the areas most beautiful reporters, she is also a gold medal athlete! Check out more on Stephanie here.

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    Kate Welshofer (YNN)

    Kate reports locally here in the Capital Region weeknights on YNN. She is formally of Rochester, where she started a great program for kids where it was news for kids. I think she might be a brunette now. Check out more on Kate over at YNN.com

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    Katherine Underwood (FOX 23 news)

    Ok, what a hottie! This is my number 1 pick. Katherine is out the streets reporting for FOX 23 where ever they need her. Before coming to the Albany area, she covered the Celtics, Red Sox and Patriots and a girl who is into sports is always hot to us! According to her bio, she's not shy and would love if you said "hi" to her if you see her out and about in the Capital Region.