Remember when you were a kid and you would go out to trick or treat. House after house either picking out a piece of candy or having someone drop one in your bag. You would usually end up with quite a haul. So you head home, sit down on the floor and dump out the stash. Sure you have plenty of good stuff, but somehow people end up giving you some of the worst candy and treats of all time. We all know the crappy candy that no one wants. So if you are giving out this stuff, take notice: kids don't want it.

  • Popcorn Balls

    Who came up with this idea? Yeah, that's exactly what I want, a popcorn ball. I know that Halloween candy can be expensive, especially for the good stuff but there is no excuse for giving out this garbage. It always tastes stale. I don't think anyone has ever been excited when they see someone come to the door with a bowl of these.

    flickr user sajeepgirl
  • Candy Corn

    Maybe it's not the worst thing to get, but there is just something gross about someone putting a handful of loose candy corn in your bag. Why do they even call it candy corn? It looks nothing like corn. As a matter of fact, it might be better to get actual corn because at least I know what corn is.

    flickr user Frankl29
  • Mary Jane's

    How is this candy? You can't even bite into these things without breaking or chipping a tooth. This stuff is so old fashion that you can't even pawn it off on the elderly. People must actually have to go out of their way to get this crap, because i have never seen it in stores, but some how it always ended up in my trick or treat bag.

    flickr user (aka Brent)
  • Bit O Honey

    Mary Jane's distant cousin and just as terrible. I don't know when candy was invented, but why was it ever considered a good idea to make it has hard as possible with as little flavor as a piece of cardboard. I would rather you tell me that you don't have candy than get his.

    flickr user fun_in_the_sun_15
  • Any Type of Hard Candy

    Here's a newsflash, old people aren't trick or treating and kids like delicious chocolate. I am the type of person who enjoys a Werthers Original once in a while, but unmarked oddly flavored hard candies that are no doubt leftover from the great depression.

    flickr user candywarehouse
  • Smarties

    Thanks for the roll of Tums. Does anyone actually like smarties? It's like eating a roll of chalk. Just an awful candy.

    flickr user Rebecca Feind