many mes

Body modifications fascinate me. And when I saw fascinate I don’t mean I want any my self, I just like to stare at other people’s. However this dude Pumpkin who I talked to the other day on Q103 has one of the strangest modifications I have ever heard of. I’ve seen chicks pierce the small of their backs, dudes split their tongue and even the face covered in tattoos isn’t all the strange to me. However, when pumpkin told me that he had 9 steal balls surgically implanted into his penis I was baffled. My first thought was “why would you do such a painful thing to the one body part that means the most to you”? My penis has always been so good to me I couldn’t imagine treating it like a pachinko machine.

If you are really into tattoos, piercings and other body modifications then not only will you understand where Pumpkin is coming from but you will also really dig the Saratoga Tattoo Expo where I will be broadcasting live with Q103 this Friday from 3p-7p!

“I like to say I have two spinal cords.”

“I have nine 2 Gage metal balls… in a line on top of my ding dong from head to pelvis.”

“They pinch the skin up top, pierce it with a larger Gage needle…they stretch it out until they can pop the balls in their self.”

“The only reason I have them there is because I can’t have horns on my head.”

“Actually I rather like the way my penis looks.”

“This is actually not where I am finished. I still have to add several more balls”