With all the rushing around we do this holiday season, sometimes it gets lost on us that there are families that can hardly provide the other 364 days a year.  That is where we come in and eliver a Christmas miracle.

Every year around this time of the year my email inbox becomes flooded with nominations for the Q103 Free Beer & Hot Wings Holiday Break - Ins.   It's something that we have been doing for the past 6 years and each year I look forward to it.  Each and every email is usually heartbreaking to read, and I wish that we could provide a little Christmas cheer to everyone.  Sadly though, we can only select one.

The people who receive the Break-In usually have hard time getting food on the table every night and getting anything for Christmas usually isn't an option.  The nominator provides us with the families information and wishlists, and sometimes there are thing son those lists that we all take for granted.  Pillows, blankets, new shoes, most of them need the essential things that we all hate to get as gifts.  In 2009 we were able to not only drop off a truck load of presents and decorations, but we were also able to get the family a brand new furnace because they were without heat.  Hear the audio below.

The time has come once again to nominate a needy family and god knows there are a lot of them.  Hurricane Irene destroyed so many homes around the Albany area that we still have people without a steady place to live.  So if you know a family, fill out the nomination form and be listening on December 23rd as we break into their home, drop off Christmas and leave without them being the wiser.  One of the most heart warming things I have ever taken part in.