Sometimes we see an infomercial and think, "wow, how inventive!" Unfortunately most of the time we see things that are so ridiculous that I can't believe that they even got one person to buy it. Most of these terrible products are things that no one would use, but the commercial is so good that you can't help but watch it every time it makes it way through the network rotation. I am willing to bet that a lot of people buy these products for novelty, because why would you ever need a dumbbell that shakes itself in a manner that looks highly inappropriate? The answer is simple, there is no reason.

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    Didn't we already have something like this called the ShamWow? As if one of these "super towels" wasn't enough, somebody had to go into competition with this glorified cleaning cloth. I wasn't planning on buying a ShamWow, so I am definitely not going to buy it's drunk, ugly cousin.

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    The Pasta Boat

    I had no idea that cooking pasta was such a hassle? Apparently something that a child can master is much to hard for an adult. So who do you call? A cheap plastic microwave cooker! Mmmm I can already taste the delicious authentic Italian cuisine. Are you kidding me? You take a pot, add water, turn on a flame and walk away. Add pasta, stir for like 10 minutes or so, and boom, you have spaghetti.

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    Shake Weight

    Seriously? I guess I'm in the minority when I say that I prefer heading to the gym to work out. Wait, whats that? I'm not? Because people don't like looking like douche bags? The shake weight is probably the worst work out product I have seen since the Hawaii Chair. Walk on a treadmill for 30 min a day a few days, or hold onto this and shake it in your face. Your choice.

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    Snazzy Napper

    I'm not buying anything that is described as snazzy unless it is a pin stripe suit that is picked out by Frank Sinatra and he udders those words to me. It's a blanket that you put over you. I believe it already existed, it was called a BLANKET! Did anyone actually buy this? If I ever saw anyone using one of these, I would take that as an invitation to punch them straight in the face.

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    The TV Hat

    Why does every "as seen on TV" product make you look like a douche? I expect that if you bought the snazzy napper, you went out to get this to go along with it. If you want to look like a crazy person in a social setting, than this is for you! Put this enclosed hat on with wires coming out of it to make that waiting room experience just a little less boring. Please tell me this thing is just a joke.