There's going to be a new attraction at this year's New York State Fair in Syracuse, and I can already hear America's arteries clogging even more!

The Annual New York State Fair in Syracuse is an event every New Yorker should be part of at least once in his/her life; this year, the festivities occur August 25 through September 5.  It's your usual carnival-type atmosphere, but on a much larger scale than your run-of-the-mill freak show.  There's usually some big name performers up there along with rides and games, food and fun.  Pretty standard as far as activities go, but again there's usually more going on at this fair than any other yours truly has ever experienced.  

For instance, a new addition to the Great NYS Fair this year will be the "donut burger."  Yes, I said it.  And, yes, that was me you heard gagging.  This 1,500-calorie monster will be the star food creation at this year's festivities.  It's pretty much got your usual suspects going as far as beef and toppings go; the new twist is getting a grilled, sliced, glazed donut to satisfy your carb intake instead of the usual burger bun.  It's official name is the "Big Kahuna Donut Burger," and will be made locally to ensure the freshest product possible.

I'm all for experimenting with food.  Give me something greasy and infused with fat any day of the week, but my tastebuds came screeching to a halt when I read about this one.  It's not even the mind-bending 1,500-calories in one $6 burger that gives me pause; I just never understood the obsession with salty+sweet foodstuffs.  If anyone were to try and slip me a chocolate-covered pretzel or peanut butter-laced celery, I'd slap that individual faster than you can say "ouch."

I am slightly, morbidly fascinated by this concoction, however, so if anyone is brave enough to try it this year, let me know how long it took before your tastebuds went numb.