These days it seems as thought you need a six figure salary to enjoy going to a professional sporting event.  When did watching rich people play sports become something only the rich could do?

I, like many of you, love sports.  I always have.  It's nice to be able to go to a professional sporting event once in a while, but these days it seems like us regular Joe's can't catch a break when it comes to being a spectator.  Since when did I have to sell a kidney on the black market in order to go pay way too much for beer and cheer on my team?

I came across an article today about the San Francisco 49ers new stadium and how much the best seats in the house will cost.  If you happen to be a 9ers fan and want a decent seat be prepared to pay $20,000 a seat, and that's the second deck.  You say you want the lower level.  Well that will cost you $80,000.  What?!?  Talk about ridiculous.

My team is the Philadelphia Eagles and going to see them will  also cost you pretty penny.  Standing room only seats at Lincoln Financial field are $80.  That's just to stand.  When you see things like that it makes it easy to make the call to just watch the game on TV. I also love the New York Yankees and we know those seats aren't cheap.  Thankfully though in baseball the bleacher section exists, so that allows me to go see them play.

Something needs to change because the people who love sports the most are the everyday average people, and greedy owners are making it so they can no longer go to games.  My favorite part is that if the games aren't sold well they black it out on TV so you can't watch unless you go to the stadium.  Thanks for screwing over the fans.  How about you lower the price of tickets so that I don't have to take out a second mortgage instead?  Being a fan shouldn't be so expensive.