Did you have any friends or family members in this year’s marathon? I did, and it was interesting to know how you could follow them. While in NH yesterday my friend told me how it all goes down in 2011. You know how every runner always wears a number? Well, now those numbers have a little chip in them. So you enter your friend’s number with your phone and voila! You get text messages sent to your phone giving you updates of when they’re passing all the markers on the run. So now you know where your buddy is at all times and know when to be at certain spots to cheer them on. It’s an amazing world we live in isn't it? Perhaps this has been going on for a few years, but it was news to me. I just wonder how much longer it’s going to be until we all have those little chips in our heads!

The Kenyans ruled the marathon once again. Big surprise right?  For the men Geoffry Mutai finished with blazing speed at 2:03:02, the fastest time the marathon has ever been run in.  Caroline Kilel won it for the woman in 02:22:36.