Levon Helm lost his battle with cancer earlier this week.  He was one of the most influential figures in music, and The Black Keys decided to team up with John Fogerty and do one awesome tribute to him at Coachella.

It's always cool when an artist pays tribute to one of their fallen brethren.  It's even cooler when they team up with a music legend to do so.  This weekend at Coachella The Black Keys teamed up with former CCR frontman John Fogerty to do an awesome tribute to Levon Helm.

Helm, a founding member of the legendary Band, passed away earlier this week.  His loss is felt all around the music world, and The Keys and Fogerty decided to cover the song that Helm and his band is most famous for.

'The Weight' is one of my all time favorite songs, and the version that these guys cooked up is way awesome.  Sit back, listen, and enjoy.