I know that they are very serious about their high school football down south, but no one should have exposed them to the internet, this animal especially.

Right now their is a constant watch where the Knox City Greyhounds play to make sure this guy doesn't set foot near the players. He is very passionate about his love for this team, some might even call it obsessive. Why does he have a photo of one of the kids in the school cafeteria? That's a boat load of creepy.

I do like his fashion sense though.  That is one classy looking generic "classic" motorcycle shirt. Also glad to see he put on his best gray sweat pants for his video appearance.  Lets not forget about his teeth, or lack there of.  I just have a sneaking suspicion that in the future we will be watching him walk through the door of some young girls house to find Chris Hanson, who asks him to take a seat.