So you think you can dance? Not like this you can’t. Check out this young girl from 1985 just killing it in the tap dance game. This is Melissa Ann Ledwon on "Stairway to Stardom." The stairway was a public access show from 1985 where hidden gems like this could showcase their abilities and skills. I think it’s safe to say that this little girl was picked up immediately and is now a tremendous star. I’m not certain, but I believe she grew up to be Lady Gaga.

Streamers on the arms with a hat and lace bib combo are just icing on the cake. The thing that really brings it home for me is the killer air piano spots this girl keeps hitting. I literally cannot get enough. I try to air piano like that in my car but I’m just not as good. This is by far the best tap dance routine from someone’s creepy basement you’ll ever see.