Last night we saw another exciting game between the Giants and the Patriots. The game was only half of what we were watching for though. We were also there to checkout all the commercials. Now most of them appeared online, but some of them were left as a surprise. So without further adieu, I give you the 2012 Super Bowl commercial awards.


Best Commercial Featuring a Rock Band: Samsung

This was a very unexpected commercial for sure. Who would have ever guessed that Justin Hawkins of The Darkness would show up in a Super Bowl ad, and that Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher would be in it with him?

Sexiest Commercial: Teleflora

Obviously one Super Bowl commercial wasn't enough for the super hot Adriana Lima. She popped up in two this year, and despite looking very hot in the Kia commercial, the sexiness of the Teleflora ad stands alone. Maybe the sexiest Super Bowl commercial of all time.

Best 'Star Wars' Themed Commercial: Volkswagen

Last year we had little kid Vader, and it took the world by storm. This year they brought back the 'Star Wars' theme in the ad entitled, 'The Dog Strikes Back'.

Best Commercial Featuring a 90's Sitcom Icon: Acura


This one edged out the John Stamos yogurt ad. Who knew that Jerry Seinfeld was such a car guy? Perhaps he just likes nice things. I do like all the things he does to try and get the car from this guy, but that damn Jay Leno and his jet-pack ruin everything again. Big props for him bringing back the Soup Nazi.


Best Commercial Featuring a 80's Movie Icon: Honda CRV

They did a very good job making all of us think that they were going to do a sequel to 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off', but no. It was just a clever ad for an SUV. Well played Honda, well played.

Best Commercial With A Random Musical Outburst: Hyundai

This is one that caught everyone off guard, mainly because it happened very early in the night. Not sure why the people at the Hyundai offices broke out the 'Rocky' theme, but we liked it. This needs to happen at more offices as a motivational tool.

Best Commercial With Stripping Candy: M&M's

Seriously, these LMFAO guys are everywhere, even in candy commercials. Though a tad bit disturbing, it was very funny. Is that the first time they have broke out a character for the brown M&M? Sexier than the green one?

Worst Commercial: Go Daddy

When are they going to stop with this gimmick? Does anyone actually go to Go Daddy and think that they are going to see naked women? It's getting old guys, and we are bored.