I found the best website ever- www.signspotting.com. It features signs from all over the world that are weird, funny, misunderstood, etc. Above are just a fraction of the hundreds of signs that are posted on the website by the people that snap the photos. Read on for more information.

I just happened to stumble across this website while I was looking for blogging information, and I spent over an hour viewing the signs and laughing out loud. They are just so hilarious and outlandish and things you'd never think you would see. Many of them are out of the country, more specifically in Asian countries, which makes it even funnier because to those locals words and signs that seem off and funny to us Americans mean nothing to the Asians, and vice versa.

The site's signs are broken up in the following sections: New signs, Categories, Most popular, My favorites, Special, Events, About, Submit and Store, and include the following subcategories:

  • New signs- Today, Last week and Last month
  • Categories- Accidentally R-rated, Animal crossings, Churches, Death, Failed marketing, Intentionally funny, Ironic, Lost in translation, Manipulated, Misguided menus, Odd place names, Stick figures, Toilets, Traffic flaws and Warnings
  • Most popular- This week, This month, This year and All Time
  • Special- Geotagging, Monthly email, Wallpapers and Widget
  • Events- Exhibit and Lectures
  • About- FAQ and History

Now that I know this site exists, I need to carry my camera with me at all times, because you never know when or where you might see a sign that's worthy of this website. I remember the worst one I ever saw- it was on the door of the McDonald's near the TU Center, and it said "If your car have be towed, call this number." I'm not lying- maybe one of the worst grammatical errors ever and it's really sad that people are so uneducated. Another one I saw in the window of a .99 cent discount store in Schenectady: Real hair- $2.99. Oh how I wish I had my camera with me to capture the advertised hilarity- next time I see such a sign, I will.

Weird and funny signs are all around us everyday and the Sign Spotting website allows the rest of the world to share in the enjoyment. Check out the website and see how long you spend looking at pages upon pages of signs.

What do you think of the website? Which sign is your favorite?