Heavy metal is a big part of musical history and it's even slipped it's way into the movies. Not really that surprising since their is a culture of people who love it more than anything. Their have been entire features dedicated to it and even some awesome cameos. Since today happens to be National Metal Day it's a good time to look at some of the best heavy metal moments that have taken Hollywood by storm.

  • Twisted Sister & Pee Wee

    In the cult classic 'Pee Wee's Big Adventure' we find Pee Wee Herman running around Hollywood searching for his bike. In the process he just happens to find himself on the set of Twisted Sister filming their video for the song 'Burn In Hell'. It actually is what got me hooked on Twisted Sister since I grew up loving that movie.

  • Cannibal Corpse in Ace Ventura

    It's such a random scene when Ace Ventura wanders into a headbangers bar in the film that made Jim Carrey's career. He's totally out of place and quite frankly as a kid this scared the hell out of me.

  • Airheads

    A movie about a few metal heads who take a radio station hostage in order to get airplay. Crazy? Maybe, but I could see this happening. Especially with squirt guns. Note to local musicians, please don't do this.

  • Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster

    A deep look into the band that made metal into an arena spectacular. This one gets pretty deep at times and takes you through the process of recording 'Saint Anger'. It also sees the joining of current bassist Robert Trujillo and the exit of Jason Newsted. One of my favorite Rock-umentaries.

  • Spinal Tap

    The movie that poked fun at the rock music world. Even the big players in metal had to sit back and laugh at themselves when the watched this one. A cult classic that has everyone turning their amps up to 11 for years and years to come.