Saratoga County sheriff's deputies arrested a man in Ballston Spa after he attempted to rob a Stewart's using a BB gun. Kenneth Geel, 48, was found by deputies and the K-9 unit shortly after the robbery under a bridge. Geel was putting a bicycle into the back of his car which is perfectly normal behavior for a Thursday morning at 3:28 a.m. police found the alleged weapon (BB Gun) used to rob the Stewart's on Geel.

Why this guy sucks at being a bandit?

#1: he chose to rob a Stewart's  Nice work what did you make out with, $298 and a fist full of Slim Jims?

#2: he used a BB gun. “Give me all your money or I’ll make it feel like you just got stung by a bee!”

#3: He rode his bike to the crime. How far did he really think he was going to get? Use a car or an ATV to cut through the woods. Or maybe be a real bad ass and ride off on a horse. No one ever catches the dude on the horse. They kind of just let him go because when you see a bandit ride off on a majestic horse you can’t help but to respect the hell out of him.