The Albany Pine Bush is literally crawling with danger, or at least today it is. From hunters rocking giant cross bows, scheduled forest fires, blood thirsty butterflies and I can only assume a yeti or two or snooping around.

I heard there were going to be scheduled fires in the Pine Bush so I decided to walk across the street and check it out. I first came across a sign that said “do not enter” so naturally I parkoured right over that thing and kept on my journey. I get 30 yards into the Pine Bush when I encounter a dude dressed head to toe in camouflage and holding a giant compound bow, or cross bow, not sure now. Either way this told me that not only was the Pine Bush on fire somewhere, but there are also dudes in the trees holding weapons. I haven’t had this kind of adrenaline rush since the time I went down a big water slide and refused to keep my arms and legs crossed. Bottom line, I’m hardcore!

I wasn't able to find any actual burning of the Pine Bush but I project the before and after pictures would look something like the following.

Before The Burning: