If you’re at all like me then you love to party. But not everyone is like Eddie Murphy’s girl and loves to party all the time. Here are some tips to end the shenanigans early. If you want to clear the house and head to bed then follow one of these 5 simple task. Unwanted guest are sure to get the point and head for the door. If they do not then maybe it is time to consider new friends.

Cover yourself in olive oil and challenge everyone to a wrestling match. 


Confess to everyone that the meat balls you served them were made from horse meat you bought out of the back of some old man’s Chrysler.

Play “wanna be” by the spice girls at max level and repeat. Sure the first 3 times around the party will pick up, but pretty soon you’re guest will start to question their sanity and then sexuality. And nobody wants those dangerous thoughts in their head.

Turn off the music and explain to everyone it is time to sign up for the mandatory risk tournament.

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Burn the place to the ground, literary. Losing your home might be a small price to pay to prove a seriously big point.