If you're a frequent concert-goer, than you know how quickly the crowd can get out of hand. People get pushed, shoved, beaten, etc, and mosh pits don't help the matter. Here are 14 concerts that turned deadly, literally.

What I think makes a concert even better is when I'm surrounded by a huge crowd, where everyone is soaking up everyone else's passionate sweat, and everyone sings along with the band in unison. The moment of ecstasy for me is when even in all of the sweat and sweltering heat, I still get chills and goosebumps when I hear and watch my bands, because they are so amazing, and my heart is just filled with love and passion. To me, there's no better feeling than that. However, a crowd can turn dangerous, as it did in the following 14 concerts.

14. Waka Flocka Flame: Gary, Indiana- March 2010- eight teenagers were shot while attending the rap concert, which strangely enough was at a skating rink. Fortunately, none of the injuries resulted in death.

13. Motorhead: Leeds, England- November 2010- one man died due to blunt force trauma to the head, while his friend's hair was set on fire.

12. Korn: Atlanta, Georgia- August 2006- one man was left dead after a fight broke out between him and a fellow fan,

who proceeded to push him to the floor and smash his head into the concrete floor. The victim was just trying to warn the mosh-pitters his pregnant girlfriend was close and to be careful.

11. Big Valley Jamboree: Camrose, Canada- August 2009- this deadly concert was no one's fault except for Mother Nature. One person died, and 75 were left injured after horribly heavy winds and rain hit the outdoor event and eventually caused the stage to collapse. Debris from instruments and equipment also blanketed the area.

10. AC/DC: Salt Lake City, Utah- January 1991- three teens were left dead after they were crushed to death when nearly 4,000 fans were packed together and pushed forward.

9. Woodstock: 1999- three people died, and an unknown number of sexual assaults took place. One death included a man who was tragically ran over by a tractor.

8. The Rolling Stones: California- December 1969- four people are left dead- one of which was a homicide, one was due to drowning in a nearby canal, and the other two were hit-and-runs. Property damage, theft and countless fights also took place at the Altamont Speedway Free Concert.

7. Damageplan: Columbus, Ohio- December 2004- this is a show that will always go down in history, as it served as the time and place of Dimebag Darrell's murder. Five were killed and three were left injured after Nathan Gale fatally shot the lead guitarist of Damageplan, and formerly of Pantera. The diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic was then shot and killed by an officer.

6. Pearl Jam- Denmark, Europe- June 2000- during their performance for over 80,000 fans, Pearl Jam were witnesses to the deaths of nine individuals, after they were crushed by the heavy crowd.

5. Indonesian Punk Concert:  Bandung, Indonesia’s West Java province- February 2008- 10 people were killed, and many others were near suffocation after they were crushed when everyone in the venue attempted to leave at once, and ended up trampling people to death. It doesn't help that the venue was 30% over the allotted capacity either.

4. Mawazine Festival: Rabat, Morocco- May 2009- this week-long festival resulted in 11 deaths (two children) and

40 injuries after all 70,000 guests tried to leave at once. They broke down a fence and stampeded a number of people. It was reported that some of the routine exiting areas were blocked off by police.

3. The Who: Cincinnati, Ohio- December 1979- an unintelligible "first come, first sit" policy for the venue resulted in a riot that broke out minutes before The Who took the stage. 11 were crushed to death and several others were injured. I don't know who would think of such a moronic policy, let alone enforce something so ridiculous and that resulted in this. These deaths could've been easily prevented had more organization and though been enforced instead.

2. The Love Parade Festival: Duisberg, Germany- July 2010- the number of attendees unexpectedly nearly doubled that year, which led to a massive overcrowding rave, which took the lives of 21 people and left 500 injured.

1. Great White: West Warwick, Rhode Island- February 2003- this is perhaps the worst tragedy to ever happen at a live, popular music concert. A fire started in the venue by improperly used pyrotechnics killed 100, including Great White's guitarist Ty Longley, and injured 230. In just over five minutes, the entire venue was engulfed in ravenous flames, as it devoured all that were still inside.

These tragic stories prove that a concert can get out of control fast, so always be careful, and if you see something or someone in need of help, get security or the police right away before things get worse. Concerts are fun for everyone, and they're even better when everyone is safe, so watch out!

This is a summed-up version, for more information, photos and videos, go here.