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For the first time in several years, I'm not doing anything too crazy for Thanksgiving. Just going to be sitting around playing Xbox, shopping online, and cooking up some food. For that, I think my liver is thanking me. The last 2 years I've been around the country during the holiday and checking out live music. Here's a look back at my drunken lullabies from years past.In 2010 I went back "home" to Youngstown, OH for see Shinedown's Acoustic Tour and last year I did a "Thanksgiving Tour" of Baltimore & Norfolk while checking out Staind and Mastodon on separate dates. 2011 was a blur to say the least.

The "Tour" started with my arrival in Baltimore and a liquid lunch with a friend, yeah - we started early. I forget the place we were at but damn if they didn't have some bombastic banana bread with butter and whipped cream. We proceeded to the venue where I learn that the boys of Adelita's Way and Egypt Central are also on the bill. Always interesting meeting your friends in an alley behind a venue - seems like something out of a bad drug deal in a movie.

Needless to say, more drinking happened. I would end up at dinner with several radio friends for more drinks and a good helping of steak. Upon returning to the venue, Rick of Adetlia's Way grabs me and puts me side stage to watch them perform. Their stage manager came into a drum issue and had to handle that the whole set. I became the beer and 'fixing the wires' guy for the rest of the 45 minute set. So I was "that guy" running like crazy making sure things were not getting tangled and things were fixed if any issues came up.

Staind would take the stage next and that's where my memory becomes vague of the night. I just remember drinking at the side bar and at one point walking out the wrong door, putting me outside the venue with no extra tickets or band pass to get back in. 15 minutes would go by before I could get a hold of Rick of Adelita's Way to get me in.

The party moved on to Egypt Central's dressing room and then to everyone jumping in cabs to relocate to a bar. The bar was dead and we packed the place up with radio people, band members, and stragglers from the show. As you can guess, more drinking and a jukebox takeover occurred. Nothing was off limits from rock to disco - heck, we even played Prince. All in good fun to see who could out do the next on how bad the choice was. I feel as though the bar tenders hated us. At least until we closed out and tipped them well.

I eventually made it back to my hotel. I had an early flight to Norfolk, VA the next morning and to say I had a hangover was an understatement. The next day with Mastodon was not as bad because my liver was actually hurting, no lie.

I went to the doctor the following Monday for a regular visit. Due to the medication I'm on they have to check my liver levels - oh God. I got a call back from the doctor saying I had to get an ultrasound to double check my liver due to the levels being so off. I told the nurse of my drinking escapade but still, I had to get it done. Everything came back OK but I learned my lesson - DON'T DRINK LIKE THAT EVER AGAIN!!

Check out some of the pictures from the "Tour" below

Read Rule #5 - We couldn't get over it all night and is now a joking point with those who were in Mastodon's dressing room that night where the hot tub was located.