Today it was announced that the infamous woman who got caught on tape falling into a mall fountain while texting is considering filing a lawsuit.

The "victim," 49-year-old Cathy Cruz Marrero, said she was not amused when she realized her fall had been posted and shared everywhere online, and even on television news, almost overnight. She apparrently laughed at herself too, but her smile quickly faded when she saw how famous she had become, and for such a humiliating reason.

Cruz Marrero claims that the laughing voices in the tape are mall security, and instead of laughing at her they should've seen if she was allright or if she needed help. Her husband, Walter, agrees (well, duh).

Is it just me or is she seriously overreacting? I understand where she's coming from but filing a lawsuit? Really? I think that's a litte out of line. If it was me I'd be delighted that my carelessness was shared with the world. Anyone could've done something like that. She's probably just afraid of what people think, but who cares what people think? If she was a strong woman she'd brush it off, or in this case dry off, laugh a bit and let all the attention and comments bounce right off of her. It's not a big deal; tomorrow something better will happen and she'll be old news.