Baseball and hot dogs go together like the NFL and a bounty system.  The Texas Rangers are ready to please their fans with a one pound hot dog, that is nearly two feet long.

According to ESPN Dallas, Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas is the place to be for hot dog lovers. At the Captain Morgan club that sits at center field, fans will have the chance to stuff nearly one pound and two feet of meat into their faces.

After you add all the toppings to it, which could include fries, chili,cheese, onions and the kitchen sink, it will weigh almost two pounds.  That is what we like to call a mighty meal.  The Rangers are calling it the Champion Dog in the restaurant, but fans have dubbed it "The Boom Stick".

Not bad ballpark food if you ask us.  It will set you back around $26, but it's well worth it since a regular hot dog is no doubt $6 or so.  They say that everything in Texas is big, and this is just a prime example of that.