Whoa whoa, corporal punishment is still allowed in schools? What wacky backwards state allows this? Oh of course, Texas!

According to this story on WFFA.com some high school chick who has always been a good student and athlete was risking having two days of in-school suspension. So, instead of missing the two days of school and tweeting all day in a quiet room, she chose to be paddled. Sounds like the kinky solution to me!

However crazy the rules are in this lost in time high school they do say “females are to be paddled by females and males paddle the males. So when this girl called her mom and explained that the male principle took a whooping to her booty like Ben Affleck in Dazed And Confused, she was furious. The mother explained that her daughter’s butt was bright red like it had been burned, and they even took photos as evidence. I for one would like to know where are the photos? You know, for research and such!