Turns out a lot of Metallica's heavy metal peers aren't really digging the whole Lulu project.  Alex Skolnick of Testament took to his personal blog to give a review of the album and he is not a fan.

Many have said that if their was a Big Five of thrash metal that the fifth band on that list would be Testament.  That gives them a pretty good opinion on what their peers in the business are doing.  Testament has stuck to their guns as far as music goes since 1983.  Metallica has chosen to mix things up over the years.  Recently, Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick did a review of Lulu on his personal blog.

He says that Lulu should be taken as a modern art project, but it doesn't live up to anything with the name Metallica on it.  he added that he as much respect for the members of Metallica, but he doesn't really like the album.

Projects like 'Lulu' exist to challenge the norm and can only be pulled off by mega-successful acts at the top of their genre with a heightened artistic awareness. They leave hardcore fans horrified at worst, scratching their heads at best.

-Alex Skolnick

He summed up his review by saying that if it's not just an art project, than what is it?  Because according to Skolnick, it's virtually unlistenable.   Lulu has also slipped off the billboard top 200, which Skolnick points out is unheard of for Metallica.

You can his full review on his personal webpage.