Climbing to the top of a building is no longer good enough for the good people in Canada.  In Toronto you can now scale the outside of the CN Tower and look death right in it's face.

This story from It's called the EdgeWalk and if you are scared of heights, this is probably not for you. The tower is now giving you the chance to strap into a harness and take to the outside of a building.  No thank you.

It will allow you to stand on a 5ft ledge, then hang over to stare down at your inevitable doom.  Seems pretty intense to me.  The CN Tower stands at almost 2,000 ft and where you would be standing is 1,168 ft off the ground.  It's not as high up as the observation deck of the Empire State buildings observation deck, but there is a certain safety felt there that I don't get from the CN Tower.

If your wondering how much it costs to look death in the eye, it's $175.  That will get you a nice 90 minute tour plus a 30 minute walk on the edge.  Being that I am terrified of heights, I will not be going near this ever.  I'm just waiting to hear about the first case of something going wrong with this which I'm guessing will be soon.

You can check out more on the EdgeWalk here, or follow them on facebook.