Terrorist are taking over everything we love! First the ruined air travel for us, now they are on twitter! What’s next? Please don’t tell me they are thinking of taking our Justin Bieber from us!

Twitter is becoming a huge influential digital tool (*cough* @thedaltoncastle *cough*). People of all types are on it and following celebrities to sports stars to their favorite products. Some see twitter as the fastest way to getting the word out to the public. It’s a lot better then the old system of ringing the town bell.

An Islamic terrorist group has opened a Twitter account as it bids to win a PR war in the bloody battle for control of Somalia. @HSMpress which stands for Harakat Al-Shabaab Al Mujahideen Press Office; opened its account back in September but only made its first tweet yesterday. (Late bloomer when it comes to playing with your twitter).

There is a large number of people who are concerned with terrorist being on twitter. They view it as a threat and think there should be a way to stop it. I how ever am not the terrified by Terrorist taking the same approach to reach me as say, Kim kardashian.