If it worked for Octomom, why not former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens? Someone got a hold of some graphic solo shots of Owens, and is trying to make some money on them.

Get your popcorn ready? That's what Terrell Owens would normally be saying. Probably not a popcorn worthy thing, but perhaps a puke bag will do it for you. TMZ is reporting that a woman, claiming to have met Ownes on twitter, is trying to sell some shots of him being the 'master of his domain'.

After this twitter love affair went on, they turned to Skype, where Owens decided to show off his best 'me time' skills. Do we have the photos? No. Do we want to see that photos? Good lord no!

The one thing we can learn from this is that if your football career falls apart, resort to twitter to find your women. T.O, a real American hero.

[Via TMZ]