Last night was the big premiere of one of falls most anticipated, and expensive shows.  Terra Nova is expected to be one of the most watched shows, and last night was proof why this is going to be the next big thing on TV. 

FOX's Terra Nova has been in the works for 2 years now, and finally last we got to see what it was all about.  I was blown away by it's landscape and for a television show the graphics were absolutely fantastic.  Knowing very well that they won't be able to get actual dinosaurs, the CG they used made them seem very real.  At nearly a $20 million budget, it's good that it looked good.

The story follows former cop Jim Shannon and his family in a future Earth where mankind as ruined the planet.  Scientists have discovered some sort of tear in space and time, but they aren't sure where that tear leads to, but it's better than the Earth they live on now.

Pilgrimages have made their way through the portal to the new colony 'Terra Nova' which the leader of the colony, Nathaniel Taylor (Stephen Lang), calls the next great civilization.  It is 85 million years in the past and right in the middle of Jurassic Park.

My first initial thought is, how are they going to avoid the butterfly effect?  They explained that as the tear they found isn't on the same time line that the future is involved in, so anything they do in the past won't effect the future.  I'm glad they cleared that up.  This show is for sure going to be very similar to LOST with it's mysteries and secrets.  I say thank god for that because with the cancellation of The Event, I need a serial drama to follow and make theories about.

With the danger of dinosaurs, plus the group of rebel colonists('Sixers') that broke away from Terra Nova this is going to be an action packed, edge of your seat type show. I can't wait to watch the mysteries unfold and questions be answered.  Terra Nova is going to be one of my new favorite shows, and I will be tuning in week after week.

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