This fall has brought us some pretty great rock and metal albums. Some bands continue to put out great work while others have been absent from the music scene for a little while and have come back with a purpose. If you haven't picked up some new music yet this fall, then these albums are a must have for your collection.

  • Alice Cooper - Welcome 2 My Nightmare

    A follow up to the 1975 album "Welcome To My Nightmare", Alice Cooper is back in 2011 with another concept album that takes you through another one of his twisted nightmares. The '75 album came out to rave reviews, and this one is no different. It has some very diverse sounds on it from rock,to disco themed songs (only fitting for a Cooper nightmare). If you are a Cooper fan and don't have this one, you'll need to pick it up.
    08 - Alice Cooper - Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever by Adam Messler

  • Staind - Staind

    The self-titled 7th studio album from Staind is one of their best efforts. It's their first album since 2008. This album is hard and heavy and very far from the country music that frontman Aaron Lewis has been working on lately. These guys will be headlining Q103's Thanksgiving Hangover Show November 26th, so grab the new album and get yourself pumped up for the show. Check out Jen's review of the album here.
    Staind - Not Again by staindmusic

  • Anthrax - Worship Music

    This album number 10 for Anthrax. It goes back to a very familiar sound which is Joey Belladonna on vocals for the thrash metal giants. Critics and fans have been loving this album so far. A highly recommended pick up.
    ANTHRAX - The Devil You Know by NuclearBlastRecords

  • Five Finger Death Punch - American Capitalist

    The third studio album from Five Finger Death Punch is an album that both their older fans and newer fans can appreciate. They have the loud aggressive tracks you expect from FFDP but they mix in the catchy rock tunes that have caught the attention of many new fans. Jen gives this album a great review!
    03-five finger death punch-the pride by misztergeriszon

  • Wilco - The Whole Love

    Indie rockers Wilco are back with another great album. "The Whole Love" has been receiving 4 and 5 stars from various critics including Rolling Stone.
    Wilco - I Might by thisisfakediy

  • Mastodon - The Hunter

    Mastodon has put out some great albums over the past 6 years, but "The Hunter" may actually encompass every sound that the band has ever taken on. They have some songs on this that will get you into the mosh pit and some that sound almost like a classic Sabbath tune. A very good metal album.
    Curl Of The Burl by mastodonrocks

  • Evanescence - Evanescence

    It's been since 2006 since we have had a new album from these guys, but they are back in 2011 with a great album. Amy Lee's vocals are once again fantastic and riffs are much heavier than previous Evanescence records.
    What You Want by Evanescence

  • Bush - Sound of Winter

    Bush took about 10 years off, but most of the original band is back together and sounding better than ever. If you love the classic Bush sound from their debut album then you will love this collection.
    Bush - All my life by Bia Poiani

  • Jane's Addiction - The Great Escape Artist

  • Lou Reed & Metallica - Lulu

    A collaboration between two giants of music, Lulu hits music stores on November 1st. It's not a Metallica record and Kirk Hammett was cited as saying that basically they were Reed's backing band for the album. Fans of both Reed and Metallica might dig it, but they also must hate it. Either way, it's an essential for any music lover.
    The View by Lou Reed & Metallica

    Lou Reed Metallica facebook