To say I HATE SNAKES is an understatement. So when I read this story you can imagine how my skin was crawling. I don't even want to know what was going through this girl's mind after stepping into a Rattlesnake nest while searching for signal on her cell phone.

The 16 year old was in a rural area of San Diego, CA searching for signal on her cell to call her mother when it happened. She stepped right into the nest and was bitten 6 times. She somehow survived and was in intensive care for 4 days. In total, 24 vials of antivenom were injected into Vera Oliphant after she was bitten by one adult and five baby Rattlers.

Vera says she "didn't see them until I had already stepped into the nest and they began bitting me."

She claims her vision was the first thing to go as she struggled to return to her Uncle's house to seek medical attention. While in route she found signal to call her mother and boyfriend. Both of which said to stay calm or the venom would spread quickly.

Vera has since made a full recovery and returned to school. The lesson here from Vera, "Watch where you are stepping." Truer words never spoken so true. So next time you are on your phone, do yourself a favor and look where you are going.