Halloween night, police officers decided to trick-or-treat at the house with the best goodies: 17-year-old Jacob Ruth’s house. These lucky police officers side-stepped crappy Sugar Daddys and peanut chew bars and hit the jackpot when they raided the house to find a buttload of pot.

“They pulled off the Halloween raid with a search warrant to arrest Jacob W. Ruth, 17, for allegedly selling marijuana from his home, Chief Chris Lavin said.

Police said they seized a number of quart bags of marijuana, $4,000 in cash and a set of brass knuckles.” –TU

Raiding someone’s house on Halloween has got to be the most genius move ever. You really don’t even need a warrant on that day.

“Whoa bro, sweet cop costumes. Why don’t you bros come on in and hang out on my beanbag chairs and play some GTAV with me and enjoy some wheat thins that my mom bought me for the night?"

It basically warrants itself. Perfect sting and perfect execution. Also you can score some solid Xbox time while completing.