The big day for many iOS device users is tomorrow. iOS 5 is scheduled to be released and iCloud will then be available for people to using. iCloud will be Apple's bigger jump into Cloud based computing. It was announced a few weeks after Amazon announced it's Cloud based service. And with Microsoft also going Cloud, it's going to be a 3 way fight. Who will win?

I kind of like slug fests like this. This is always a good thing for consumers, because the real ingenuity of the products and companies shine through, so we all get the best they have to offer. Sometimes, we can see who the clear winner is, sometimes not. In the end the only opinion that counts is the user's. But how does someone with an iOS device upgrade? Simply, plug in your device to iTunes, and it will detect your device's current iOS version and let you know if you can upgrade to iOS5.If you have an iTunes account/Apple ID, you're all set for iCloud. If you don't have one, you can create one online in a matter of minutes or in iTunes or the Mac App store.

How do you get onto Amazon's Cloud service? Simple, sign up for an Amazon account and download the software needed to allow you to upload your music. That took me about 15-20 minutes to get that up and running total. The trick being, that music I have on my hard drive needs to be uploaded for me to have access to it. That is what takes the most time to do. And my library is bigger than the amount of space they offer. So I would be purchasing more space at a pretty steep price.

Microsoft's cloud services will be built into Windows 8, so users who upgrade will get it right away. As for the rest of the world, you may be out of luck, but no word has been released about non Windows 8 users. We've seen the "To The Cloud" ads for Windows for a while, being able to magically edit photos and send them to the internet. How well it works, is still a question for debate. But with the new version of Windows, we may see some big improvements.

In the end, who will win the battle of the cloud? Your guess will be as good as mine. The winner is going to be the one who gives you the best experience and ease of use with a side order of features. Are you using any of these already? Who do you plan on using? Share your thoughts and let me know.