When Facebook started to get popular, before it was open to the public, I wanted to check it out and try it. I was really happy when it did finally open up to the world. I liked it so much, and after discovering some unsavory ways MySpace was using user data, I ditched it and was Facebook 100%. Now, I'm thinking about ditching Facebook.

Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A new study suggests that a quarter of 18 to 29 year olds are getting bored with social media, because of the “superficiality” of friendships online and the privacy issues that comes up with social media. The study also says that most of these people use their favorite sites about once a month, and that is mainly to share photos and see newly shared photos from friends. The rest of these groups says their use of the site hasn't been affected by anything like that. They are still enthusiastic about using social media.

I can honestly say, that even though I am not in that demographic of 18-29, I am getting tired of a lot of the social media static myself. The main reason I keep going back is to see what friends are saying, or look at new pictures like the study suggests. And I have taken "vacations" from Facebook for a while, and have actually gotten people asking me to come back. There is little in social media now that entices me other then a story posted by a friend about something I am interested in or a new photo. Beyond that, I could care less, and so can 25% of kids in this study.

What this means right now for social media sites like Facebook, is unknown. In the long run, it will probably mean nothing. I still use Twitter everyday to find new an interesting things, but Facebook seems to just not do it for me any more. I guess I need to find then next big thing, and from what I have seen with Google+, it's not really it. But I'm sure it's coming. By the way, if you want a Google Plus invite, send me an email. I got some to give away. I'm not using them.