I was sitting on the couch with the fiance', watching the news when the announcement was made. Steve Jobs is stepping down as CEO of Apple. My jaw hit the floor and I proceeded to to wonder where it would all go from there. The frenzy and chaos. Cats and dogs living together, MASS HYSTERIA! Then I realized, it's just Steve being Steve.

Steve Jobs has always been a private man and it has been known he has been recovering from cancer. And for a while, Steve had excused himself from duties because of his illness. So this is nothing really to worry about. Tim Cook, who is now the CEO of Apple has been running the show since Steve took time off earlier in the year, and the first time Steve Jobs stepped back from his duties when he has his surgery.

Steve Jobs has also said before, if his health becomes an issue that would prevent him from fulfilling his duties to the company, he would step aside. Looks like he's just keeping his word. But speculation of doom and gloom will happen anyway, because that's how people in the business world seem to do things. "A cat walked under a ladder with broken glass on the ground! Google is going to fail!" I think you can see where I am getting at.

Steve Jobs, while not the CEO anymore, is going to be the Chairman of the Board for Apple, so he won't be totally leaving the scene. He just won't be in the day to day operations of the company he helped to co-found and will still be there in spirit. Personally, I feel Tim Cook will keep the same pace and ideals that Steve brought back to the company and not much of anything is going to chance at all. And Jon Ives who designed just about all the Apple devices, is still there and his artistic vision will still be applied as new goodies roll out from Cupertino.

So Steve, Good luck, So Long, and thanks for all the iMacs.