One of the most iconic things seen in the TRON movies is the Lightcycle. I remember seeing that in the original as a kid and thinking, I want one of those! Then the sequel came out with a new design that is even more cooler then the original. And now, you have a chance to ride a real Lightcycle. Parker Brothers Choppers in Melbourne, Florida have built a full size working electric Lightcycle that lights up. They documented the build on YouTube and recently posted the final test ride of the bike with the lights on an riding all over town. One thing I noticed was, that when they stopped somewhere, people came over to check it out and take pictures. Who couldn't help but want to hop on and go for a ride? I know I couldn't.The real kicker is, they are doing a giveaway fro the bike. Details are on their website.

And they haven't just done a Lightcycle, they have also built the Batpod from The Dark Knight. This was their first project that got them noticed. The videos for those are on their YouTube channel as well.I gotta say, these guys are pretty awesome.