When it came to my mom, choosing a gift for her was really tough. Giving her something she wouldn't use was always a constant fear. So here are 3 ideas to hopefully help spark more ideas on what you could get Mom or the mother of your children, for this coming Mother's Day.

First up, a Keurig B60 Single cup Coffee Maker. Using little cups called K-cups, filled with a certain blend of coffee, you can brew a single of any kind of coffee in a matter of minutes! The Fiance got for as a present this past Christmas, and it's great! Put your cup under the nozzle, fill the water reservoir and drop in a K-cup of your favorite blend, and press the button. WHAMO! Cup of coffee. Works great with just hot water and tea bags too. You can also get empty K-cups and fill them with your own coffee if you just want a quick cup of "Chock-full-o' Nuts" coffee. The B60 can be found for about $150.

Second choice is some kind of e-book reader. My first choice would be an iPad for some obvious reasons. But being able to use an iPad for more than just an e-book reader, really gives you some value. Over 80,000 apps for the iPad by itself. Add the apps that can run on it from the iPhone and you're looking at even more choices. But, there is always a Kindle or a Nook and also the Sony E-book Reader. All have their own pros and cons. If I had to choose a second e-book device, I would go with a Kindle, because Amazon has pretty much established itself an authority on the E-book scene. But you can get a Kindle starting at $115, while an iPad will set you back $499 and up.

Does mom enjoy the finer things? Maybe a glass of wine during or after dinner? Well, make it a little easier for her to get her bottle started with a Waring Pro WO50 Winer Opener. It's cordless and you can pop the cork on 80 bottles on one charge. 80! Count'em! (Sorry Rob) Plus a foil cutter, it looks modern and sleek so it will fit any kitchen decor. So opening that bottle of the newest Italian wine you just picked up is easy! This neat gadget comes in at about $40

I know I said 3, but I'm like Douglas Adams, and can't count, so I'm going to add one more! We'll call this the sentimental on a budget one. How about a simple digital picture frame, filled with pics of the whole family. This was actually a great idea the fiance gave me when I was kind of stuck on an idea. I bout a reasonably priced one at Walmart, had an SD card that was larger then the built in memory of the frame and filled it with pics of my daughters for her. It was on her night stand, and turn on every day she had it. They can run in price from $30 on up depending on size and memory capacity.

And so, this will hopefully give you a few ideas for Mom. But if all else fails, a simple card with some words from you, is always a mom favorite.