Well, it's Thanksgiving and the holiday season has begun. Many of us will brave the weather and crowds to go out looking for that gift for someone special, be it a family member, distant relative, co-worker or just a good friend. I'll share a few things I have discovered about some of the cool tech gift tips for this holiday.

Right now, the big thing for kids and teens, and adults who are kids at heart, are tablets. The iPad started a ruckus for sure when it debuted and with the popularity of it, other companies have jumped into it looking to get their share of the market. While you could see some great deals out there in the flyers, beware some of the pitfalls.

First thing to do, is figure out, what the receiver of said gift is going to do with it. This is going to help narrow down some of the choices of which brand and features they would use. Are they replacing a computer with it? Is it mostly going to be used for email and surfing the web? How about some games? Solitaire or maybe Tetris? The classics never go out of style. Or even that newfangled Angry Birds? Also consider it's capacity of how much you can store on it. Will 16GB be enough or will they need 32? If they will have a small mix of music and photos and applications, then 16 GBs may be enough. If they plan on doing anything with video, look at more storage as videos can take a lot of space.

Another consideration is warranty. How long is it protected, and can you extend it later? Do I send it back to the company or get it fixed at the store I bought it at? How much is the extra coverage? And one last thing to consider is price. Sometimes it does come down to it. Check with the stores you shop at to see if they match competitors' prices. You may get a good deal.